What would happen if…

  • There was a sexual harassment suit or other complaint in your executive’s background?

  • A senior manager in your company was convicted of fraud?

  • A mid-level employee walked out the door and took your company's confidential information, business leads, clients and other core business assets?


While there are many scenarios that make your business susceptible to risk, there are steps you can take to try to avoid that risk.


Where should you start?

You need to find a reputable solution which you can trust to conduct these searches the right way and provides you with a comprehensive background screen suitable for the level of employee you’re interested in vetting.  Our team specializes in high-level due diligence background investigations, having investigated thousands of individuals, and our white glove service includes access to an expert staff available to answer your questions.


What’s the next step?

Always assess which employees in your business are either most at risk or hold the most sensitive positions, and re-screen them periodically. It’s easy to assume the continued trustworthiness of your internal teams, but it’s better to verify that nothing new has cropped up in their records that may affect your business.



We audited some of our searches and the statistics about what we have found are incredibly telling - CLICK HERE to check out these staggering numbers


Executive Advantage is a First Advantage Company

Executive Advantage is a First Advantage Company

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