When performing due diligence investigations, thereís no substitute for insight and expertise gained from years of hands-on work in this highly specialized field. Since 1993, The BackTrack Report has helped a range of clients identify risk in the backgrounds of high-level executives and their companies.

Company founder Randy Shain has worked in the investigative due diligence field for more than 22 years. After starting his career as an investigator with Bishop Services - a nearly 100-year-old investigative firm - Shain quickly became a supervisor and then Regional Director and Vice President there. During his tenure, he helped revise Bishopís investigative process, leading to significant improvements in its quality and speed. He also spent eight months overseeing the firmís New York headquarters in the absence of a company president.

In 1993, Shain left Bishop to launch his own investigations company, BackTrack Reports. Conducting thousands of extensive background investigations over the next decade, the company earned a top reputation in the due diligence industry and was purchased by First Advantage Corporation in 2004.

A few years later, publisher Wiley Finance asked Shain to write a book, Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Professional Tools to Investigate Hedge Fund Managers. In addition to writing his book, Shain has written articles on due diligence investigations; has been featured and quoted on the subject in numerous publications; and has spoken at notable industry conferences, including GAIM, Eurohedge and others.

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